. . . Solutions . -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- . What Do We Do? . -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- . Represent our client as the technical champion for their product &      services in the field.

Assist technology companies to accelerate sales cycle by providing      pre-sales and post Sales technical support.

Be focused on delivering result.

Be the technology enabler by demonstrating working solution to      potential customer.

Be a technical entrepreneur and not just 'an engineer'.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- . Who Do We Help? . -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- .

Technology Company
From startup to established technology companies, Akacia helps technology companies who need technical and sales resource to successfully deploy their product and services in the market.

Service Providers
Akacia's IP Communication specialist assist service providers who are considering rolling out next generation networks and VoIP services. Akacia specializes in IP communication and VoIP and can provide resources and expertise to successfully deploy the next generation IP communication services.

Akacia also works closely with partners who are short on resource or skills set to take advantage of the growing opportunity in the IP communications market such as VoIP or network security. Akacia can provide a very cost effective short or long term solution to fill the skills gaps until the partner is ready.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- . Akacia Core Competencies . -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- .

Akacia core competencies lie in the deep understanding of IP communication technology as a foundation and then branching out in specializing in Security and VoIP related technology. Akacia's engineers are qualified in various leading vendors certification including Cisco CCIE as well non-vendor security certification like CISSP.